Russia is using the
The Moscow administration, like the one in the Ukrainian crisis, is using the propaganda tool...
Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor of the Republic by \"parallel structures \"7 person as part of the...
Elected Vice Chairman HEC Yavuz Atar
Higher Education Council (HEC) Chairman appointed as Acting Chairman of Yekta Saddler vacated by...
Female Students Multiplier Car Somersault Scored:3 Injured
The overturned car hit the girls in Bartin 3 people injured in accidents .
Cars Takla Scored:4 injured
4 people in the car accident that occurred as a result of the overturning in Bilecik were injured.
The courthouse in tumult:10 detainees/convicts Unleashed
Bakırköy a group of prisoners brought to the Court's interests in the brawl near the courthouse.
7 held in the provinces of Istanbul-based operations against alleged parallel structure of the...
Edirne in Mine Explosion:3 Injured
Edirne occurred in a methane gas explosion in a mine district Uzunköprü 3 workers were injured .
Traffic Accident in Bilecik:1 Injured
Bilecik in a traffic accident that occurred one person was injured.
The Party was captured from the Market 6 thousand lira Gaspar
A convenience store at gunpoint in Samsun alleged extortion six thousand pounds a person is caught...
They had beaten Disabled Citizens
Batman, a walking path with disabilities identity was assaulted by an unknown person .
The streets were back to the lake in 10 Minutes
Muğla's Bodrum district suddenly push the heavy rains turned streets into the lake.
Girls on the hit-Unleashed
Batman girl child multiplier motorcycle driver who wants to cross the road fled the scene .
Cruising Flame Field Tool'Toma'was Deflate
Diyarbakır-Şanlıurfa highway cruising area in a car was in flames here waiting TOMA intervention.
1 day 2 Suicide in Bingöl
2 people in a single day in Bingöl committed suicide.
Makes Human Trafficking Gang Leader Arrested
Muğla's Bodrum district human trafficking gang leader who was captured while trying to escape from...
Trench wins in Nisibis Municipal Employees Arrested
Mardin Nusaybin the PKK's youth structure of pseudo-h by YDG detained for allegedly helping a ditch...
Mother of 12 children died under the woman's van
Batman, 12 , mother of a woman , as a result of shock while trying to cross the road the van died .
Businessman Kenanoglu's funeral was removed to the Forensic Medicine Institute
Doremi found dead in a car belonging to his father, the owner of Levent Mehmet Sinan Kenanoglu...
He escaped from the war, he lost his life in an accident in Adiyaman
Mother of 5 children from Adiyaman Kobani'de woman escaped from the war , work-out car died as a...